Server editions

Central management of settings and licences

Licensing is done centrally and workstation/terminal users self install by simply browsing the network for pdfFactory and installing like any other network printer.  We supply you with a licence code that you enter into the copy of the software on any server on your network. The licence has a specific number of users associated with it. Licences are not ‘concurrent use’ licences. A user is permanently allocated a licence until he or the administrator uninstalls the workstation copy.

The benefits are:

  • You can check who has installed a copy of the software at any time by looking at the central list of users. It also shows when it was last used, so if you need to reclaim a licence you can start by contacting those people who have not used it for a while. It also lists users who installed the software and are not licensed. pdfFactory will allow new users after your licences have been used up. This is so that they can try the system, and they will be using the software in its evaluation form, i.e. the small advertising strap line will appear at the bottom of PDF files. New licences can be purchased from Software Partners and added instantly to the pool.
  • You can ask the software to share the licence across all the servers on your network. Any person on your network can then browse for the software and the licence will be allocated to them even if their local server has no licences. Licences are then automatically shared/pooled among all the servers.
  • Any changes to settings you make on the server can be copied to all the registered users when they next log on. There is a check box to keep the change local or send it to all registered users. For example you can change the paper size to A4 and always embed the corporate font. Using this feature means you can ensure all users are adhering to good practices. Furthermore you can restrict the options that a user has access to. Even without restricting user access to settings, in most cases settings changed by a user through the printing preferences dialogue at the time of printing or creating a PDF will only apply to the document in the preview not subsequent ones. This gives users a useful flexibility while ensuring corporate settings are retained as the default.


  1. The workstation or server edition is self selecting when you install pdfFactory or FinePrint. It detects whether the operating system is workstation or server.
  2. The server licence and software works in all versions of Windows from 2003 onwards including Terminal Server and Citrix.