Benefits common to both versions of pdfFactory

One step installation
Some PDF software requires separate modules to be installed for the different options, not pdfFactory! Download the software, double click on it and within a minute pdfFactory will appear on your list of printers.

As simple as printing but much faster
To create a PDF simply click on PRINT from your application and your document will appear in the pdfFactory preview.

live preview

live preview

Live preview
Live preview removes the two steps: save and load PDF in a PDF reader in order to check its appearance. The preview shows you what the PDF will look like and tells you how big the final PDF will be. More …


Simple editing via a toolbar. pdfFactory professional toolbar:

pdfFactory 6 toolbar

Keeps documents together – no chance of lost pages
Combining documents means that they are kept together in the order you want, removing the risk that the recipient will misplace sections.  More …

Predictable appearance
PDFs preserve the document layout regardless of the viewing device.   More …

1. Text layout is preserved regardless of the recipient's settings or paper size. With an original document the recipient's software will reflow lines based on their default margins and paper size. In non PDFs graphics sometimes move a long way from their required position.

2. Recipients may not have the fonts that you used in your documents. But these fonts can be easily embedded in a PDF. The pdfFactory preview lists the fonts used, simply click on the ones to embed or click the option to embed all of those used.

3. Original documents may sometimes be set to only link to pictures elsewhere on your computer and therefore not available to the recipient. They are always embedded and locked in position in the PDF.

flexible encryption and protection

flexible encryption and protection

Security and encryption
Flexible security options allow you to restrict any of the following; opening, copying from, printing from or editing. For example you can publish documents on the web and when they are viewed in a PDF viewer (such as Acrobat) the Copy and Print options will remain greyed out and unavailable.

Simple to email
Click on the SEND button and an empty email is opened with the PDF attached. You can also drag and drop the PDF from the preview window to cloud software – for example Gmail.

Small file sizes
Size is rarely a problem in PDFs without pictures,  about 5 KB per page. More …

* If you 'embed' the font in the document so that it appears exactly as the original, this only adds a one off 30-40 KB to the total PDF size.

* Recipients who have monthly limits on the volume of data they can download will thank you for sending compact attachments.

* The preview shows the document size and options are available to revise the compression levels of all graphics in the document.

Additional benefits of pdfFactory Professional

Add your own overlays such as letterhead and improve the appearance and authority of the PDF
Any page can be saved as an overlay.  More …

stamp page numbers etc. to pdf pages

add text like page numbers and date and time

Enhance/modify the content of the PDF
You can add content to the original document as you convert it to a PDF. The preview window allows you to type directly onto the page or delete content from the page. See example uses…

2. Highlight, blackout (redact) or delete marked text by dragging the mouse over it..

3. Delete and replace blocks of text by marking and retyping. Although the layout won't reflow you can select any font and size you match the replacement text. This editing is simple and quick.

4. Thumbnail feature has powerful crop and cut and paste. You can use crop by either dragging a box around the content area or by asking pdfFactory to automatically select the content area on the page. This cropped area can then be made to fill the page, thereby removing unecessary margin width. You can also cut or copy an area from one thumbnail and paste it into another.

5. Modify existing PDFs by reprinting from a reader to pdfFactory. For example if your letterhead is saved as an overlay but the logo or address has changed you can retrieve the letterhead to the pdfFactory preview and cut out the old text or logo and paste in the new from your clipboard. Very useful if the original artwork was done externally by an agency you no longer use.

Automatic creation of bookmarks
In long documents, creating bookmarks allows you to guide your readers to the essential point. They act as a contents page, where the user can click on the entries to jump straight to the page. pdFactory will create bookmarks based on font size and type, allowing it to pick out headings automatically from the original document. You can manually revise these and add new bookmarks by right mouse clicking on the page.

form filling and other text input

type additional text to pdf pages, powerfull form filling feature.

Streamline the filling out of emailed forms
Send the form to pdfFactory and type in the boxes. Paste in a signature and click SEND to re-attach to an email.  More …

pdf/A archive format
Single click pdf/A saving. The PDF standard is slowly evolving to take account of more advanced layout/setting options in new software and to add new abilities to the PDF itself. This could cause compatibility problems in the distant future. To overcome this the International Standards Organisation has specified a robust basic standard for long term document storage called the pdf/A standard. pdfFactory can save in this standard.