pdfFactory 8 FinePrint 11 – improvements.

pdfFactory Pro & Std 8 upgrade

New features:

  • PDF files can be opened directly without printing
  • New coloured toolbar which can be resized for use with larger monitors
  • Enhanced colours throughout the product
  • Improved connection to Outlook
  • Improved performance
  • Desktop icon for easy opening of PDF and FP files
  • Autosave FP file for easy editing over time
  • Ability to use the default PDF viewer
  • Letterhead can be used as a paper tray pdfPro only

FinePrint 11 upgrade

New features:

  • Opens PDF files directly without printing
  • Enhanced colours throughout the product
  • Faster performance
  • Desktop icon for easy opening of PDF and FP files
  • Letterheads can be assigned to paper trays
  • Ability to use as the default PDF viewer

Changing the toolbar size:  On some high resolution monitors, the old toolbar appeared too small.  Toolbar icons now use vector drawing instead of bitmaps so they scale perfectly to any size. See User Interface under settings. (ALT+T)

Adjustable font size. You can now choose the font and the size of font used to display the softwares commands.

Performance improvements:  Performance throughout the software is improved, particularly in thumbnail mode.

Usability improved. A list of jobs now appears automatically in the left settings column removing the need to switch in and out of the ‘Jobs’ Tab.

Past improvements introduced in FinePrint  and pdfFactory.

The last item (8) relates to page content and is only possible in FinePrint and pdfFactory professional.

The new icon bar is shown below:

FinePrint 9 toolbar

  1. Multi level Undo and Redo.
    These are available either on the toolbar or via the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Z for Undo, Ctrl+Y for Redo). In addition hovering the mouse pointer over either button shows the action that will be performed in an information window. The key combination Ctrl+Alt+Z will show the entire Undo/Redo history, with thumbnail previews of each action.
  2. Rotate Page
    You can rotate pages in by clicking on the Rotate button in the toolbar (keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R). This will rotate the current page by 90 degrees. If multiple pages are selected then the rotation will be applied to all selected pages. If you want to rotate by more then 90 degrees, just click on the Rotate button (or press Ctrl+R) again. Rotating pages is useful both to correct pages that are not originally printed in the correct orientation but also for effects such printing ‘tent’ fold pages like place settings.
  3. Page Toolbar.
    Each page has a small toolbar that pops up when you hover the mouse over the upper right corner of the page. This is a convenient way to quickly rotate or delete a single page.
  4. Preview and Thumbnails
    Windows Explorer is now provided with preview and thumbnail handlers for the .fp file type. Looking for content from saved .FP files is easier when you can see the content by this method.
  5. Cut/Copy/Paste Pages
    FinePrint 9 and pdfFactory 6 allow you to cut, copy, and paste pages. There are several ways to do this:
    · In thumbnail view, drag and drop pages to move them to a new location. Holding down the Ctrl key will copy the pages instead of moving them.
    · Right-click on a page or on a group of selected pages to show a popup menu, then choose Cut or Copy from the menu.
    · With pages selected, use one of the standard Windows key combinations (Ctrl+X for Cut, Ctrl+C for Copy).
    Using the above methods you can copy and move pages within FinePrint 9, within pdfFactory 6, or between the two products.
    To drag and drop pages, left-click on a page or on a group of selected pages in thumbnail view. While keeping the mouse button pressed, move the mouse to the edge of the page where you want to the pages to go. A green insertion bar will appear, highlighting the destination.
    If you cut or copied pages to the clipboard, you can hover the mouse over a page edge to select a location. A Paste icon will pop up, which you can click on to insert the pages.
  6. Improved Installation and Uninstallation
    The FinePrint 9/pdfFactory 6 installer and uninstaller work the same as in previous versions, but are faster and have a more modern look.
    Setup.exe supports a /? command-line switch to display options for unattended installation or uninstallation. In order to use these or any other command-line switches, you need to unpack the FinePrint 9/pdfFactory 6 files using Winzip or some other utility.
  7. Package-Aware Printer Drivers
    The FinePrint 9 and pdfFactory 6 printer drivers are digitally signed and package-aware. The main benefit of this is that Windows no longer presents security warnings to users when they install the product or connect to a network printer shared by Server Edition.
  8. Note/Comment Rotation
    You can rotate any notes that you have entered onto pages in FinePrint 9 and pdfFactory 6 professional either by selecting the note and dragging its rotate handle, or by right-clicking on the note and choosing the rotation command and entering a specific value.