pdfFactory features…

  • convert any document from any of your software to a PDF file.
  • combine any number of separate documents (even from different programs) into a single PDF.
  • add blank pages or remove pages
  • pictures/graphics are automatically included in the PDF file. You can choose the resolution they are saved in, to control the final PDF size
    automatic font inclusion

    add fonts used in the PDF for totally accurate appearance.

  • fonts used in the PDF are listed and you can choose to include them in the PDF for total accuracy when viewed and printed – or not to include them to minimize the file size
  • attach the PDF automatically to a blank email ready to add your email text
  • restrict access to the PDF. The PDF can be set to be viewable by everyone but copying and printing can be restricted, or you can encrypt the PDF so that a password is needed to view it.

pdfFactory Professional additional features…

    • create overlays such as letterhead and invoice forms
    • add page numbering, headers, footers, watermarks
    • add text notes, like PostIt notes
    • add signatures and initials
    • fill in forms. If you send a form to pdfFactory that you have downloaded or been emailed you can fill in the boxes in the pdfFactory preview and resend it. This removes the need to print the form out, hand write the entries and scan it in and convert it back to an emailable format such as PDF
    • rearrange the order of pages or jobs simply from the preview screen
    • add custom drivers for specific tasks.
highlight or redact text

highlight or redact text

  • highlight text, copy or redact
  • copy, delete, or replace graphics in the preview before final conversion to a PDF
  • link text to hypertext links.
  • automatically bookmark the whole PDF based on font size and type (e.g. heading fonts) and manually add bookmarks by right clicking on pages and typing descriptions
  • convert to grayscale. This reduces the file size and printing costs
  • create in the PDF/A archive format. This is an internationally agreed specification for long term storage in a format that will be available long into the future